Bringing Jobs back to Ontario

Published on May 29, 2018

Bringing jobs back to Ontario

It’s time for Ontario to be “open for business”


An Ontario PC government would bring good jobs back to Ontario and make the province open for business.

 Good jobs aren’t being created. American cities like Buffalo and Niagara are bragging about all the jobs they’re taking from us.

  • Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs are going to put a big sign on the border that says “Ontario is Open for Business.”
  • Instead of picking winners and losers, we’re going to lower business taxes for everyone. We’re going to stabilize business hydro costs for everyone. We are going to cut red tape for everyone.
  • The difference between the Liberals and the NDP, is that with the Liberals, your neighbour loses their job, and with the NDP you lose yours.


Backgrounder – Open for Business

The Status Quo:

  • Ontario has lost more than 300,000 good paying manufacturing jobs since the Liberals took power in 2003, and Ontario businesses are struggling because of the increased cost of doing business in the province.
  • Businesses in Ontario need relief from the Liberal’s hydro mess, the rapid increase to the minimum wage, the cap-and-trade scam, and the increasing red tape and regulatory burden.
  • For instance, under the Liberals, hydro rates have tripled. Kathleen Wynne has given Ontario some of the highest hydro rates in North America. Our Class B industrial rates (most medium sized business) are the worst in Canada and uncompetitive with most of our American neighbours, and our Class A industrial rates (large manufacturers) are not much better.
  • Despite bleeding jobs to other jurisdictions, the Liberals nonetheless decided to break their promise to reduce taxes on businesses by forcing Ontario employers to continue to pay an 11.5% tax rate.
  • While the Liberals tout job growth and low unemployment rates, stats show that between  2008 and 2016, nearly 99% of all net new jobs in Ontario were created in Toronto and Ottawa, which demonstrates the need for better job growth across the province.
  • The Wynne Liberals have also attacked Ontario businesses with intrusive regulations and duplicative approval processes – Ontario has 380,000 regulations, almost double that of some other provinces, and the most of any province in Canada.
  • The Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that regulations in Ontario cost businesses $15 billion in 2017 – more than double the amount for any Canadian province.

How We Will Fix It:


  • A Doug Ford Ontario PC Government will make Ontario “Open for Business” by implementing policies that make it easier to invest, start, and grow a business in Ontario.
  •  To do this, the Ontario PCs will implement a comprehensive set of policies. We will:
    •  Stabilize industrial hydro rates through a package of aggressive reforms
    • Cut corporate income taxes from 11.5% to 10.5% to stay competitive with our neighbours and enable businesses to create good paying jobs
    • Cut red tape and stifling regulations to enable investment and good job growth
  • A Doug Ford Ontario PC Government will also cut the red tape and stifling regulations that are crippling job creation and growth, and introduce a customer service guarantee: a one window access for approvals with hard deadlines.
  • This will be done by expanding the ‘Small Business Access Initiative’ to assist all businesses with navigating Ontario’s regulatory and legislative hurdles that harm business.
  • The Ontario PCs will also mandate the Treasury Board to conduct an aggressive review of Ontario’s industries to identify red tape and duplicative assessments in effort to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses
  • Together, these policies will create an environment that makes it easier for businesses to operate and grow in Ontario.