Broadband and Natural Gas

Published on May 29, 2018

Today, more than ever access to services like cellular, broadband internet and natural gas are vital to creating jobs and growing healthier communities. 

An Ontario PC Government will enable private sector participation in the expansion of natural gas across Ontario. The provincial government would then, in turn, use up to $100 million of the savings to partner with providers to deliver cellular and broadband expansion across rural and Northern Ontario.

Our plan means better and more reliable connections for rural and Northern Ontario. It means more opportunities to grow a business, and more opportunities to create better jobs. Our plan will ultimately mean helping more people in rural and Northern Ontario build their careers and raise their families right here at home. This is what real change for the people looks like.

While high-speed broadband access is universal in urban areas, only 85% of rural communities have similar access. This puts rural communities at a disadvantage when competing for new businesses or even improving quality of life for families. Natural gas is a cheaper source of energy than electricity, propane, and fuel oil. However, natural gas does not reach many rural and Northern communities. The current program only reaches a handful of communities, whereas our plan will reach 70 communities and connect as many as 38,000 new customers