Customer Service Guarantee

Published on May 29, 2018

An Ontario PC Government will introduce signal window access for all government approvals, meaning decisions on all government approvals, including reviews and assessments, will have a hard deadline for one year.


There will also be a hard deadline of one year for the government to make a decision on permits.

  • Good jobs aren’t being created - at least not in Ontario. As we go door-to-door, we keep hearing about one big reason - because it takes so long to get approval to start or grow a business in Ontario.
    • An Ontario PC Government will introduce single-window access for all provincial approvals. This means that for every ministry, and every agency, there will be one phone number and one website that you can access in order to get all approvals you need to create jobs - no guesswork or expensive lobbying required.
    • There will also be a hard deadline of one year for the government to make a decision on permits. There is no reason any government approval should take longer than a calendar year. That is plenty of time to hold consultations, and perform and review assessments. If a project won’t be approved, then tell people, so they can move on. Don’t leave them hanging.
  • There are many reasons why more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs have fled Ontario, but without question the increase in red tape and regulations is at the top of the list. 
  • It’s time for a government that works for the people. 


Backgrounder – One Window for Approvals


  • Ontario businesses and families have been saddled with intrusive and economically destructive regulations. For instance, Ontario has 380,000 regulations – almost double that of some other provinces.
  • Businesses and developers in Ontario often encounter duplicative approval processes, which results in unnecessary delays, and hinders productivity and innovation.
  • In fact, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that regulations in Ontario cost businesses $15 billion in 2017 – more than double the amount for any Canadian province – with small businesses facing the greatest impact.
  • There are numerous stories of business owners facing extensive red tape and delays due to government regulations. For instance, some auto parts firms have to conform to 1,500 government regulations, and some mining companies have waited over eight-years for approval of a terms of reference for a project.
  • There is no correlation between the size of the regulatory burden and the standards they are supposed to enforce. Having high standards doesn’t mean taking years to make a decision, or forcing businesses to engage in unnecessary, convoluted regulatory and legislative requirements.

How We Will Fix It:

  • An Ontario PC Government will introduce a customer service guarantee: a single window access for all government approvals. Decisions on all government approvals, including reviews and assessments, will have a hard deadline of one year.
  • This will be implemented by expanding the ‘Small Business Access Initiative’ to assist all businesses with navigating Ontario’s regulatory frameworks, and will ensure that the province’s job creators get timely decisions on applications.
  • Under this policy, the Ontario PCs will remain committed to meeting the province’s duty to consult with First Nations and Métis communities on decisions or actions that may adversely impact Indigenous or treaty rights.
  • The customer service guarantee is part of the Ontario PCs plan to bring good jobs to Ontario. This plan includes:
    • Stabilizing industrial hydro rates through a package of aggressive reforms.
    • Lowering business taxes from 11.5 per cent to 10.5 per cent so that more employers can invest, grow and create jobs in Ontario.
    • Helping small businesses by reducing the small business tax rate by 8.7 per cent.
    • Cutting the red tape and stifling regulations that are crippling job creation and growth.
    • Reducing the provincial fuel tax to 9 cents per litre for gasoline and diesel. This is a decrease from the current 14.7 cents per litre for gasoline, and 14.3 cents per litre for diesel.